Who needs Title IX now?

Article here. Excerpt:

'By numerous educational yardsticks, it is men, not women, who today lag far behind. In most academic fields — biology, communications, the arts, public administration, education, health care, psychology, English — women now earn a majority of bachelor’s degrees.

“It is young men, more than young women, who are at risk and facing serious educational and work-related challenges,” notes Perry. Those gender disparities carry over far beyond academics. Men are much more likely than women to end up with “a variety of measures of (a) behavioral and mental health outcomes, (b) alcoholism, drug addiction, and drug overdoses, (c) suicide, murder, violent crimes, and incarceration, and (d) homelessness.”

For all that, Perry writes, it is girls and women who are favored with “a disproportionate amount of attention, resources, and financial support” at all levels of education — such as after-school and summer programs for girls, female-only scholarships and fellowships, and hundreds of women’s centers and women’s commissions.

Title IX, it is worth remembering, did not mandate unequal preferences for women. It mandated no unequal preferences for any person on the basis of sex. In the 50 years since Title IX was signed into law, the imbalance that so disfavored girls and women has been replaced by an imbalance that grievously disfavors boys and men. That isn’t an improvement. Indeed, it’s illegal.'

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