Should We Cancel Father’s Day?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Some Woke activists suggested that Mother’s Day be called “Birthing Persons Day.” After all, some “pregnant persons” identify as men (or non-women) and don’t like being in a place called a “maternity ward.” If the birthing person’s pronouns are “he/him,” that person might identify as the child’s father though not contributing the paternal genetic material. Should “he” get a Father’s Day card?

What should we call the person who contributes the paternal material? In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, family words like “mother” and “father” are viewed as obscenities. We’re not quite there yet, as babies can’t yet be grown in a bottle and decanted, but we can try to make progress in our language.

What would be the equivalent term for father? “Sperm donor” is even less personal than “birthing person.” The child will never call him “Daddy” and will have great difficulty finding out who he is. He might have been picked from a catalog, with anonymity promised. He probably does not know of his child’s existence.

In 2017, there was a proposal to rename Father’s Day “Special Person’s Day.” Or perhaps we should follow the precedent of President’s Day, which replaced Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday. We want to obliterate the memory of Washington’s defeating the British Empire and becoming the Father of Our Country, or of Lincoln’s abolition of slavery and desire to unite our country. Just lump them in with others who managed, by whatever means, to get inaugurated as president, no matter their effect on our nation.

How about Parent’s Day? Or Caregiver’s Day, or better yet Caretaker’s or Custodian’s Day? Such persons might not be special. They might not have a name or face, being interchangeable at a bureaucrat’s whim. They might be of any one of 50 or more genders. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DIE, no, DEI) is invading the family as well as the school, the workplace, and the church.

The family itself is perceived to be the problem, and radicals are targeting it for extinction.'

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