Middle-aged white men a ‘pariah’ in television and film, says Christopher Eccleston

Article here. Excerpt:

'I am a "pariah" as a middle-aged white male, Christopher Eccleston has said, as he reveals his acting work is drying up.

The actor, best known for reviving the role of Doctor Who, starred in successful films and series earlier in his career, including Jude the Obscure and Our Friends in the North.

But the British star now feels like a “failure” for being unable to secure similar work.

Eccleston has said that his age, sex and skin colour have now made him a “pariah” in the entertainment industry, leaving his career plagued by uncertainty.

“I'm white, I'm middle-aged, I'm male, and I'm straight,” said the 58-year-old actor. “We are the new pariah in the industry.
Eccleston is nevertheless returning to BBC Two on Friday night in My Name Is Leon, based on the novel of the same name by Kit de Waal. The story follows the story of a mixed-race child who is separated from his younger, white half-brother in the care system.'

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Jobs for aging actors of both sexes tend to dry up after they hit a certain age. Most older ppl don't have the stamina anymore required to do film acting on tight scheduls, spending 16 hrs/day on site to film scenes, etc. Plus as time goes on, brain elasticity diminishes, affecting the actor's range, ability to memorize lines, etc. Maybe Chris E. should consider becoming a teacher of acting. Just a thought. Nonetheless I don't want to suggest I have experienced the kinds of interactions he has had lately. Maybe there's some truth to what he is saying.

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