The Divorce Monster Has Its Claws in Both Parties

Article here. Excerpt:

'DeSantis has impeccable credentials as a defiant conservative. The fact that even he was hoodwinked demonstrates how conservatives are outmaneuvered on many issues, especially the family. The bill exemplifies how Republicans are routinely fooled into enacting Democrats' measures. In fact, it lays the groundwork for understanding how they invited the extreme left to seize control of the U.S. government two years ago.

The bill can do nothing for either fatherhood or the family. It is modeled on useless programs devised by the Clinton administration based on the distorted research of liberal house intellectuals like David Popenoe and especially David Blankenhorn and his federally funded Institute for American Values. Blankenhorn describes himself as a liberal Democrat. His background is in Saul Alinsky community organizing (quasi-communism). Yet for years he dominated family advocacy groups like the Family Research Council and Heritage Foundation before endorsing the redefinition of marriage.'

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