Walk to End Violence Against Women and Children returns to Victoria Thursday

Article here. Excerpt:

'Eleven years in, the Indigenous-led Moose Hide Campaign continues its mission to end violence against women and children, and this Thursday (May 12) the Greater Victoria community is invited to participate in a morning filled with discussion followed by an afternoon walk to the legislature.

The day, usually marked in February but delayed due to the omicron variant wave, serves as a call to action for men and boys across the country to make a pledge to adopt healthy masculinity and do their part to make everyone feel safe and welcome.
Men and boys are encouraged to not only tune into virtual events before joining the walk, but also to commit to fasting that day. Stevenson said fasting is an effective way to deepen resolve and commitment to the campaign’s goals.'

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... Men willing to "fast" over this issue are unlikely to be wife-beaters. So they want men who AREN'T being violent to women to give up eating while men who are violent to women will unlikely be "fasting".

It's bullshit virtue-signalling.

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I'll pass on denying myself food and self-flagellating just because some people the same gender as myself commit IPV. People who are not my gender do the same, as Amber Heard has demonstrated. How is guilt by association going to help victims of IPV anyway?

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