Assaulting our Boys: The Campaign to Demonize Masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'It has become increasingly clear that there is an assault on masculinity. The assault is more than the sum of toxic terms and ideological narratives aimed at undermining a particular sex. The actions are exercised in policy exploitations that clearly violate equal protections and undermine the ability of boys and men to contribute fully to society.

Those supporting boys and men have become persona non grata in the halls of the political, academic, and media institutions that chose a conscripted, ideological narrative as profound as any goose-stepping militant looking to tear down patriarchal structures. In colleges across the country, post modernism, deconstructionism, Marxism, and new historicism became entrenched in the most elite and even most frivolous schools across the country and now harbor a new identity politic dedicated to undermining the hopes of the greatest civil rights leaders who dreamed of a nation where the content of one’s character would win out over the color of one’s skin and nature of one’s sex. In the world of academia, identity is in and character is out.'

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