“Kill All Men”: Modern Feminism and its Current Rhetoric

Article here. Excerpt:

'There’s still so much to be done, but if we zeroed in on modern feminism, there’s almost a willful ignorance of real world issues: men suck, and women are awesome. For decades now, modern feminism has climbed higher and higher into its own ivory tower. Mini-movements like #killallmen, rejecting masculinity, and misandry have come to represent the face of modern feminism, and all the momentum for real gender progress has been lost.

The momentum of feminism has fizzled out, as it only appeals to women; but how will radicalizing women about their oppression change anything, if the world is still a man’s world?

Most women understand the irony behind #killallmen. They understand it is a satirical statement, a witty reference to the long standing history of femicide and an expression of their annoyance with the inescapable patriarchal system. But this is easily misinterpreted. More and more, modern feminism is being met with backlash from “men’s rights” groups, who believe that misandry is consuming popular culture. By championing movements like #killallmen, feminism alienates men, limiting itself from any further expansion.'

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My they start young these days.

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Seem like feminist hate speech is OK when dressed as satire. That single discordance explains why feminism is fatally flawed and will never achieve anything other than division, gender hatred and misandry.

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