Not OK: Average man rates his mental health just 6 out of 10, feels down 3 times a week

Article here. Excerpt:

'Millions of men may be putting up a brave front, but they’re not doing as well as you may think. A new survey finds the average man feels down three times a week. The poll of 2,000 men also finds the average respondent only rates their mental health a six out of 10.

However, those as young as 18 say it’s closer to five out of 10.

Dealing with a physical health condition (26%), poor eating habits (20%), and pressures at work (20%) are among the reasons men say they’re struggling with their mental well-being over the last 12 months. Others claim not being in a relationship, lifestyle changes such as the breakdown of a marriage, and scrolling through social media can affect their general well-being as well.'

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