Mother says school did nothing over son being bullied, because not in 'protected class'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A mother of an 8th grade boy in the Weber School District said she is not trying to stoke racial division, but she is tired of seeing her son being bullied at school, and feels school administrators are falling short of addressing it, because her son is not in a 'protected class.'

"He's been pushed, he's been kicked, he's been slammed against the wall," said Kim Byram. "He's had food thrown at him."

And just last week, according to Byram, five boys surrounded her son.

"He was shoved to the ground and called a fat, f---ing n-word," she said.
Byram, her husband and son met with administrators from Wahlquist Junior High and the Weber District, saying they were told in that meeting the district was limited in its response.

"It was basically (stated) he's not in a protected class," she said, asserting the district noted her son is white and privileged.'

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