N.Y. State Police says recruitment classes will be 30% women by 2030

Article here. Excerpt:

'The New York State Police has signed onto the "30X30 Pledge," committing to increasing representation of women on the force and improving the experiences of women in law enforcement.

As part of the pledge, the State Police will take on the goal of ensuring women comprise at least 30% of its new recruitment classes by 2030. Female membership of the force currently stands at 11.6%, which is not far off from the state's 12% rate of female police officers in the country.

"The future success of our agency will rest on our ability to attract the most talented and diverse group of candidates possible to become New York State Troopers," State Police Superintendent Kevin P. Bruen said in the announcement on Wednesday. "We are proud to stand alongside the dozens of other law enforcement agencies that have made a commitment to the 30X30 Initiative."

The 30X30 Initiative, which is comprised of police leaders, researchers and professional organizations working together to advance women in policing across the nation.'

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