Caitlin Moran: ‘My brother says it’s easier to be a woman – I can see his point’

Article here. Excerpt:

'She says her next book will be about men. “When my brother moved in, he kept saying all these things against feminism. The thing he kept saying over and over again is ‘it’s easier to be a woman these days than it is to be a man’.”

“I started to see it from his point of view”, she says. “If any woman has a problem there is another woman who will be able to talk to her about that problem. We are surrounded by this informal, beautiful sisterhood network that we’ve built up called feminism.”

“Men don’t have anything like that,” Moran continues. “Men can’t talk to each other about their problems. There are no songs about how great it is to be a boy. If you said I want to talk about the problems of men, you would get laughed at.” The void, she feels, is leaving boys open to the influence of “right-wing commentators like Jordan B Peterson who are astonishingly unhelpful for young men”.

In asking men to share their problems with her on Twitter, Moran says the responses resulted in it being the first time she “came across the concept of female privilege. Whatever the problems are being a woman, at least I’ve never worried that people are scared of me”.'

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