Comparison of intimate partner violence injuries among sexes uncovers higher level of severity for male victims

Story here Excerpt:

'"Our findings are contrary to the general notion that violence perpetrated by women is not capable of causing severe injuries to their partners," said Bharti Khurana, MD, emergency radiologist and founding director of the Trauma Imaging Research and Innovation Center in the Brigham's Department of Radiology. "Moreover, men are less likely to seek help as they are less likely to recognize it as criminal, may see IPV as unmasculine, and fear being ridiculed."

Although roughly 33 percent of men experience IPV in their lifetimes, few efforts exist to recognize men facing this threat. Biases suggesting that IPV predominantly affects women may also cause medical professionals to overlook IPV-related injuries in male patients. While 35.1 percent of men in a previous study reported an injury severe enough for hospitalization, only 18.1 percent sought medical assistance, suggesting social stigmas may also dissuade men from seeking help.'

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