To Even Out Gender/Race/Ethnicity Pay Gaps, Online Store ‘Suggests’ Higher Prices for White Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Compliance software solution provider Trusaic has opened the Pay Gap Store, an ecommerce shop that “suggests” prices for customers based on gender and ethnicity. The store sells a range of T-shirts, mugs and tote bags with the message, “Where’s my X%?” — where the value of “X” depends on each customer’s gender plus race/ethnicity and the associated pay gap.
The store doesn’t actually require customers to pay different prices. The suggested prices are based on each shopper’s profile, but everyone can choose to pay the lowest price if they prefer (in the above example, anyone could purchase the mug for $12.24). All profits from the store will be donated to an appropriate charity.'

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What a great way to deter white men and men in general from doing business with you. It doesn't matter if the higher prices are enforced, as the concept is insulting to begin withband comes off as slimey--like they're trying to rip people off who aren't aware that they can choose the lower price. I'll bet any money this place will go under, just like the cafe in Australia that gave male customers an 18% surcharge. Get woke, go broke indeed!

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