India’s Sons: Tale of False Rape Case Survivors

Article here. Excerpt:

'The documentary film throws light on the lives that have been destroyed because of false accusations of rape. From an 18 year old who spent 5 years in prison before being honorably acquitted to an IPS officer who became a victim of a false rape accusation due to politics, a man who got falsely accused of gangrape twice by the same woman to a man who thought ending life was easier than fighting system that doesn’t listen to men, the film exposes deep flaws in the system, absolute disregard of rights of one gender in order to protect the other, unbelievable lies that are told with elan in courts and hopelessness that looms over people who are falsely accused.

The documentary is a first person account of men and their families who bore the brunt of being called a rapist and a rapist’s family, only to be eventually honorably acquitted of the said crime after years of trial on the basis of credible evidence proving beyond doubt that they were falsely accused.'

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