For men, apps are vital gateways to mental health

Article here. Excerpt:

'On the heels of a well-documented upsurge in anxiety, loneliness and depression sparked by the pandemic, mental health apps have become an important resource for men such as Henderson.

Many men, traditionally more reticent to seek out therapy, say these "cyber-well" and mental health apps, some specifically targeted at them, provide a peer community and support in a setting that provides both privacy and convenience. In interviews, men said one of the biggest advantages with these apps was anonymity.

The online help provides a "less intimidating entry to mental health," says C. Vaile Wright, a psychologist who is senior director of health-care innovation for the American Psychological Association. "They are an important gateway to mental health for many men who need help but never considered reaching out for it before."'

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In the UK and in Spain, the feminists have now started their attack on what is intended, eventually, to lead to men being denied phones.

This first stage is to hook into the existing mantra of caring only about women in domestic violence, and attack men who use apps to 'control a woman'. Millions of pounds spent advertising the issue as though it were some major thing affecting women only, not something that affects maybe a few dozen men and women in the country.

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