Sen. Josh Hawley says liberals' attacks on manhood are driving men to pornography and video games

Less the particulars of what he's saying, more the fact that he's bringing up men's well-being as an issue at a poitical rally makes this story sigificant. Excerpt:

'Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley on Sunday night told fellow conservatives they must stop liberals from attacking masculinity and creating a nation of "idle men" who watch pornography and play video games instead of working and raising families.

Hawley delivered the speech on the "future of the American man" at the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando, calling for a return to traditional gender roles. He said liberals' "attempt to give us a world beyond men" was part of their larger effort to "deconstruct America," an endeavor that, according to the senator, includes critical race theory, economic socialism and doing away with the concept of gender altogether.

"The Left want to define traditional masculinity as toxic. They want to define the traditional masculine virtues - things like courage and independence and assertiveness - as a danger to society," Hawley said.'

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Yes, it is good to see men's issues being raised by a politician who is supposed to be representing men as well as women.

"…creating a nation of "idle men" who watch pornography and play video games instead of working and raising families"

I'm not convinced his thoughts are fully in the right place (yet) though. He's caring about the effects on society, which is good, but seems to be careless about the effects on men themselves.

If men don't have more incentive than simply knowing that society is going to hell—if the only appeal is to sacrifice themselves on the altar of feminism, being blamed for being male, being blamed for working more than women, being blamed for being creepy just because they find the courage to ask a girl out—then they are going to carry on taking the MGTOW path, sticking to "pornography and video games" as the senator disparagingly puts it.

If a man can find respect for being something else, if he can find more interest from a real woman, if he can discover that his society cares about him, if he isn't joining a 50% lottery to disaster in marrying and having children, then he will follow where the incentives lead him. But the incentives have to be personal and individual, not some call to sacrifice himself.

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