Scottish trade union leaders condemned after vote on women-only services

Article here. Excerpt:

'The STUC’s women’s conference, which represents 500,000 workers, today voted down the proposal after it was tabled by the Paisley & District Trades Union Council.

The motion said there had been a “dilution of single sex services supporting vulnerable women and girls… promoted by most of Scotland’s leading women’s organisations.

“Many workers and users of frontline services are concerned about this trend.”

It noted Equality Law allowed for men to be excluded from certain services such as support facilities for women who have been victims of domestic violence.

It called on the conference to “support the application of the exclusion of men to services specifically tailored to women” and to “condemn the missteps of leading women’s organisations within Scotland to protect this important provision… therefore failing to protect vulnerable service users and children”.

It also said the conference should “vow to defend women only services” and campaign for an extension of women-only services, based on needs.'

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