Lego bans sex for children, promotes sexuality for children

The latest target in the endless battle against ‘harmful gender stereotypes’ is toys.

You can still walk through a shopping mall and find shops for men's clothes and shops for women's clothes but when it comes to children, it seems they are not allowed to be a boy or a girl. But they are allowed to know about sexual feelings for boys or girls.

Some stereotypes can be harmful, especially if assumed to apply to all individuals. But all too often those behind these campaigns and initiatives want to do away with distinctions of sex altogether. LEGO, for instance, has said it will no longer market any of its products ‘for girls’ or ‘for boys’. The company has announced that it will work to “remove gender stereotypes” from its toys. On its website shoppers can no longer search for products by sex.

Yet earlier in the same year Lego released its “first LGBTQ+ set”.

Is it not a sad sign of the times that LGBT people get their own LEGO set, but sets for boys and girls are banned? Sexuality, it seems, is acceptable to the woke companies, but the difference between the sexes, that sexuality definitions rely upon, are banned.

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