Study pinpoints three markers of masculinity that are associated with the likelihood of lying

Article here. Excerpt:

'A study published in Frontiers in Psychology has identified three masculine physical traits that are associated with the likelihood of lying or telling the truth in strategic communication. In a sender-receiver game in the lab, men with a higher facial width-to-height ratio engaged in more deception, while those with a higher ratio between the lengths of the index and ring fingers engaged in more truth-telling.

Economic exchanges, policy making, and business operations all depend on honest communication between various people. While there are certainly times when it is advantageous to deceive others, studies have revealed that many people seem averse to telling lies even when telling the truth comes at a personal cost.

A research team sought to uncover biological markers that might explain individual differences in truth-telling during strategic communication. The researchers opted to focus on three markers of masculinity, since men tend to occupy a larger share of the roles in environments where strategic communication is common, such as firms and financial agencies. There has also been evidence that sex hormones play a role in moral decision-making.'

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Reminds me of those 19th C journals discussing facial features and likelihood of criminality.

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