British MP asks for equal justice

Paul Howell MP, Conservative, raised a question in the House this week under the heading of 'Women and Equalities'.

"Last week, I had the privilege of meeting my constituents Thomas Gill and his parents, who suffered major injuries as a result of a car being driven by a female driver who was under the influence of drink and drugs. Thomas raised his concern because the sentencing was so low and young women were getting more lenient treatment than young men. Could the Minister assure him that we are equal under the law?"

Even in the world's oldest Parliament, seeking equal justice got him nowhere. He was replied with platitudes and untruths, this time from Guy Opperman (the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) for some reason. Is Guy lying or is he really unaware of the systemic disadvantages that have existed in the British legal system since before his grandfather was born, and are being perpetuated today?

"I was very sorry to learn of the injuries sustained by Thomas, and it is right that this matter is raised by my hon. Friend. I can assure him and the House that equality applies to all aspects of justice—it always has and it always will."

T​o find out if Guy really is ignorant of the laws and practices that discriminate against men, readers should write to their local MP.

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