Are Campus Kangaroo Courts Coming Back Under Biden?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Campuses may be on the precipice of reverting to the chaos of kangaroo courts. President Biden nominated Catherine Lhamon to fill the same Education Department post in which she served under President Obama. She’s likely to be confirmed soon.

That means it’s likely the reformed Title IX guidance issued under Betsy DeVos will be scrapped in favor of the Obama directives. There are two troubling aspects of the policies Lhamon enforced during her previous stint, from 2013-2016. First, they were issued via Dear Colleague letters, which bureaucrats use as an excuse to legislate. Second, they were deeply unjust and caused enormous suffering.

This is not a controversial position. By the end of Obama’s second term, the effects of the department’s new guidance on Title IX as it pertained to sexual misconduct had been so disastrous on campuses, even progressive experts condemned them. Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously denounced them “for not giving the accused person a fair opportunity to be heard.”'

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