Russia: Two women charged over killing of man they wrongly suspected of being a paedophile

Article here. Notice they got men to do their dirty work for them. Happens time and again. Excerpt:

'Two women have been charged over the killing of a man who they wrongly suspected of being a paedophile, say Russian prosecutors.

Two men are also accused of ‘raping the victim with a metal pipe’ as well as killing him.

Truck driver Dmitry Chikvarkin, 48, who ran his own lorry business, died from horrific head injuries after a brutal sexual attack.

Police say a ten-year-old girl said that she and a three-year-old girl had been “touched below the waist” by Chikvarkin but this was a “lie”.

The children were “joking” with fatal consequences, they say.

Valeria Dunaeva, 25, is accused of causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death in leading the attacks on Chikvarkin.'

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