OPINION: Anti-critical race theory laws attack women and people of color

Article here. Excerpt:

'The composition of these legislatures contributes to a longstanding problem – white, male dominance, or white, male supremacy. White male supremacy is the dangerous imposition of the values of white (mostly heterosexual) men upon women and people of color. Because of white male dominance in state legislatures, white men are positioned to enact laws that serve their own interests while victimizing women and people of color.

The composition of legislatures stand in direct contrast with the make-up of the teaching workforce, which is 76% women. This statistic leads some to see teaching as a feminized profession, and, as such, teachers’ work is distinctly subject to being controlled by white men. This is exactly what’s happening when state legislatures dictate what teachers, who are mostly female, can and cannot teach. In other words, male lawmakers are able to exert the level of overreach evident in these bills because teachers are mostly women.

Historically, women in patriarchal societies are positioned lower on the gender hierarchy than men and are denied access to the power and authority necessary for decision-making.

Women-dominated spaces – even women’s bodies themselves – are subject to being controlled by white men.''

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