Biden’s Office for Civil Rights pick questioned on her position on campus due process

Article here. Excerpt:

'Catherine Lhamon’s work in President Barack Obama’s administration on Title IX issues may have won her praise from liberal groups and organizations representing alleged and confirmed victims of sexual assault, but it drew criticism from the ranking member of the Senate’s education committee.

President Joe Biden has nominated Lhamon to lead the federal Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education, the same position she held under Obama. But Senate Republicans and due-process advocates have questioned her position on the rights of accused students.

Republican Senator Richard Burr said he is concerned that Lhamon “will charge ahead unraveling significant pieces of the previous administration’s Title IX rules.” He made the comments during a July 13 Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee meeting.

He is also concerned that Lhamon had said that the Trump administration Title IX rules allowed people to “rape and sexually harass students with impunity.”

“That’s plain offensive,” Burr said. “I imagine she was taking aim at the due-process parts of the [Title IX] rules.”'

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