Largest US Defense Contractor Reportedly Held ‘Privilege’ Training For White Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'The nation’s largest defense contractor allegedly held a three-day training program for white male executives so they could deconstruct their “privilege” and understand how white male behavior is “devastating” to racial minorities and women, journalist Christopher Rufo reported Wednesday.
The session facilitators reportedly began with a “free association” exercise, which involved asking the 13 employees to list connotations for the term “white men.” The terms that were conjured up included “racist,” “privileged,” “anti-women,” “Aryan nation,” KKK,” “Founding fathers,” and “can’t jump.”
The trainers reportedly linked the “roots of white male culture” to traits including a “can-do attitude” and “hard work” which can ultimately have “devastating” effects for women and minorities.'

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