Full report details investigation that cleared computer science professor of sexual misconduct, retaliation allegations

Article here. Excerpt:

'An external investigation into former computer science Ph.D. student Maha Hasan Alshawi’s allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation found computer science professor Alberto Quattrini Li not responsible for any of the seven allegations made against him. The 87-page report on the findings of the investigation — which drew on over 1,000 pages of interview transcripts, email exchanges and other evidence — was produced by Cozen O’Connor, a law firm retained by the College last August.

In February 2020, Alshawi filed a report with Title IX against Quattrini Li, but the Title IX office found that the professor’s alleged behavior was not a policy violation. Alshawi first made her allegations against Quattrini Li public in a June 2020 Facebook post, and following a 23-day hunger strike by Alshawi, the College agreed to open an investigation into the allegations against Quattrini Li and other Dartmouth employees on Aug. 5. The investigation into Quattrini Li concluded on March 26, after which both he and Alshawi were given opportunities to respond.'

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