Female soldiers still have difficulty passing new army fitness test despite tweaks to accommodate them

Article here. Excerpt:

'If it’s anything like that time the FDNY allowed a woman to become a firefighter despite failing their fitness test? The US Army’s developing situation can be ignored by military leadership like it’s not a big deal.

According to Military.com “nearly half” of the female soldiers are failing the new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) that was introduced more than half a year ago.

It's very straight forward. "Female soldiers continue to lag male soldier scores in all events," the outlet says, citing a briefing report. 44% of women fail, but only 7% of men. The Army might need to make additional changes before the ACFT leaves it’s beta period after March 2022.

Keep in mind that the US Army already “adjusted” the test to better accommodate women back in March. So yes, it’s an identity politics related issue that’s putting the military’s physical readiness and capacity on the line.'

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