We are leaving fathers out of this important discussion

Article here. Excerpt:

'The recently-expanded child tax credit provision in the American Rescue Plan and the proposals in the American Families Plan are helpful and necessary steps to address child poverty, which has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic after years of decline. But to get at the root causes of child poverty, we need to address a key gap in our systems and policies and look at interventions that engage dads and support co-parenting for unmarried mothers and fathers. And I make that assertion from experience.

Twenty years ago, I started Good+ Foundation, aimed at helping kids and families in need, initially in New York, and eventually nationally. At first, we focused on mothers, who overwhelmingly bear the brunt of child care. But as we grew in communities across the country, we learned that to be successful in achieving our mission, we needed to engage and involve fathers. Simply put, where they're included in social programs, policies and legislation, we see better outcomes for kids -- and for mothers.'

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In today's world, the primary purpose of a father is to pay for the reproductive decisions of strong, independent women. That's it. Fathers are seen in terms of the money that can be wrested from them, by any means fair or foul. Fathers are simply not valued for the contribution they make to raising children. Father = $$. And it does little good to point that kids do better with fathers around. In today's world, we do not do what is best for kids-we do what women want. That's how public policy is defined: do women want it? Kids don't matter. Fathers don't matter. Just what the woman wants.

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