The war against boys: Trying to tame all young men by ‘educating’ their ‘toxic masculinity’ out of them is the wrong approach

Article here. Excerpt:

'The hysteria generated over a small minority of badly behaved, violent boys has gone too far. Teaching them ‘gender neutrality’ and to resist ‘macho, heterosexual’ maleness is not the answer.

Fake news about men is making the rounds and at times it seems that young boys have become the target of a veritable crusade designed to tame them. Since the eruption of anxiety about a supposed rape culture afflicting British schools, the mantra of ‘Educate Your Sons’ is constantly echoed by politicians, campaigners and media influencers.

Leading the way is Police Minster Kit Malthouse, who declared that schools should teach boys how to treat girls and women with respect. Numerous commentaries in newspapers and on websites, with titles like: “Schools are the best place to educate boys about how to respect women,” echo a sense of urgency about what they present as a national crisis.'

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