How wrong for Sarah Everard's death to be hijacked by men-haters

Article here. Excerpt:

'But one thing I do object to – indeed, I find distasteful and disrespectful – is why some have sought to turn the tragedy to their political advantage. For them, it is part of a culture war against so-called ‘toxic masculinity’ and men in general.

Typical was Green Party peer Baroness Jones who suggested that the best way to prevent violence against women is for a 6pm curfew for men. She subsequently claimed she hadn’t been serious – but was highlighting the danger of ‘victim-blaming’. But that was too late.

Not only is Parliament, where she made the comment, not a place for such loose words but in an age of social media, many are apt to jump on such a bandwagon.

Soon after, the hashtag ‘curfewformen’ began trending on Twitter, with various rival factions trading insults in the usual unedifying way.'

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