Roman Kemp on feeling 'trapped' by depression

Article here. Excerpt:

'Radio and TV presenter Roman Kemp has been thinking about making a documentary about male mental health for the past six years.

And it's certainly an important, pressing issue. Suicide rates in England and Wales remain at a 20-year high. In 2019, three-quarters of those who took their own lives in England and Wales - a total of 4,303 - were men. This was the highest figure since 1981.

Tragically, in August last year this issue reached Roman intimately with the death of his close friend and producer Joe Lyons, who was 31.

"The stats are completely out of control," Roman tells BBC Three, ahead of his new documentary Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency. "It's something I've been very much so personally affected by and I believe the time has gone now where you can shy away from it.

"Now that stigma has to go."'

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