Misandry And The Modern Woman: How Hatred Can Heal A Lifetime Of Misogyny

Article here. Excerpt:

'Misogyny. We know that word so well. We live in a misogynistic world. Women are hated, and we women hate being hated, yet — we still live with it. We still allow it. We still only fight it half way, and it's hard to successfully fight fire with fear and obeisance.

And then there's misandry.

What is misandry? By definition: hatred, dislike, or mistrust of men.

Misandry is not the opposite of misogyny. It is not an inborn trait; women do not hate men without reason, as some men (not all) seem to hate and disrespect women unnecessarily, as if its a birth rite. Let's call it a privilege.

Misandry is what happens when a woman decides that she wants to heal from a lifetime of male abuse. She didn't ask for the abuse, nor did she ask to take on the hatred needed in order to combat it, but she does needs to take her power back, and she does NOT need to be polite while doing so.'

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I can almost hear the evil galactic Sith lord emperor saying "Good... embrace your hatred... use it as a tool. Become consumed by it but don't let it control you..."

Is Feminism a hate movement? You be the judge.

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