She Falsely Claimed A Verizon Store Employee Groped Her. A Court Just Upheld Her Lengthy Sentence.

Article here. Excerpt:

'McGagh was then convicted of perjury and giving a false statement to police. The judge said that she had never seen a case like this, “never seen a pre-sentence investigation like this or a psyche evaluation like this.” The judge further commented:

[T]his would include her history of deceitfulness, consistent irresponsibility to honor financial obligations and lack of remorse. . . . During this investigation, she continued to make statements minimizing her own actions and instead, blaming the victim, the Judge and her own attorney. . . . [T]he pre-sentence investigation, again, . . . indicates that it’s been suspected that Ms. McGagh continues to drive on a suspended license. I was shocked by the number of just traffic violations, just a, just a consistent unrelenting inability or disregard [] for the law. As though it just does not apply to her . . . Ms. McGagh has been involved in criminal and traffic proceedings in which she has benefited from lenient dispositions. Regardless of these privileges, she has continued to avoid hearings by numerous failing to appears and not fulfilling her financial obligations in paying fines and costs, as well as financial liens against her.

McGagh was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the perjury charge (with eight of those years suspended) and five years’ supervised probation. For the false police statement charge, she received six months in prison. Maryland’s high court upheld that conviction on Friday.'

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