Teacher ‘filmed herself masturbating in classroom filled with kids aged 7 and 8'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ashley Hulsey, from Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, said: ‘It appears she was masturbating while the classroom was full of kids. We obtained video evidence because she videoed it herself and disseminated it and we were able to get a hold of that evidence.’

Ressler’s alleged sex tape is said to have been spotted online by a concerned local, who told school bosses, who in turn contacted the local sheriff’s office. It is unclear if any of the youngsters saw what Ressler allegedly did, or realized what she was up to.

Hulsey said news of the alleged sex tape had caused ‘mental anguish’ to children and parents affected. She added that the sheriff’s office had worked hard to have it wiped from the internet as quickly as possible, while bringing charges against Hulsey.'

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