Mothers of Sons: Women unite in defence of men, but website blasted as anti-feminist in #MeToo world

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ms Thompson-Jones is now joining forces with other mothers and grandmothers seeking justice for their sons.

The Mothers of Sons website, which will officially launch on Monday, will provide a forum for women to access support and advice.

It will share personal stories about the unfair treatment their sons have suffered in legal systems and workplaces and the lessons learnt from those experiences.

Ms Thompson-Jones said women who made serious allegations about men should not be automatically believed.

“Women, when they make these allegations, they need to have proof and the authorities need to see that proof. They can’t just go on hearsay,” she said.'

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Sad that the feminist the interviewed for the article supported the view that men should be denied empathy and services because this is unfair to women? No logic, just a man hating feminist.

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