Oops: Leftists Upset Facebook Censors Anti-Men Hate Speech

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s no secret that Facebook constantly censors content, but a recent investigation from Vice has the outlet suddenly upset that censorship might even happen to them. The platform has reportedly censored some groups just for using the word “men” and liberals don’t grasp the irony that they can’t say “men are trash.”

Vice’s investigation claimed that Facebook is “cracking down” on groups “dedicated to discussing everyday injustices in the patriarchal world that we live in.” These groups reportedly violated “Facebook’s standard for hate speech for seemingly simply mentioning the word ‘men.’” By saying bad things about “men” as a group, not individual men.

Multiple groups across Facebook said they were finding that “anything even remotely negative about men gets automatically flagged or taken down”:
“The phrase ‘men are trash’ has been a known target for a long time. But now it’s getting ridiculous. There was one (deleted comment) recently that literally just said ‘I dislike men,’” Lauren Smith, another page admin, told Vice. Facebook did not respond to a request to confirm this information from MRC TechWatch.'

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