Princeton finally faces scrutiny for anti-male bias in Title IX probes

Article here. Excerpt:

'Barrett authored the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision against Purdue University last year that eliminated “doctrinal tests” in judicial evaluations of Title IX claims against colleges.

The only consideration for a court should be whether the alleged facts “raise a plausible inference” that a college in Illinois, Indiana or Wisconsin – public or private – discriminated against an accused student “on the basis of sex.”
John’s lawyer Andrew Miltenberg told The College Fix in an email Thursday: “Coupled with yesterday’s decision, this is a great 1-2 blow to Princeton.”

And it affirms that the defenders of kangaroo courts were right to be fearful of Barrett’s influence when she was nominated for the high court.

The persuasiveness of her Purdue opinion has made it “nearly impossible” for colleges to quickly get Title IX lawsuits by accused students dismissed, one lawyer told The Chronicle of Higher Education at the time.'

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