Ireland: Single-sex education 'part of the problem' of gender inequality - Ó Ríordáin

Article here. Excerpt:

'According to Labour’s Education Spokesperson Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, the challenges in tackling the problem are exacerbated by children being separated on the basis of gender in schools.

Speaking in the Dáil on Tuesday, the TD Dublin Bay North said there is a disproportionate amount of schools in Ireland separated on the basis of gender.

He added that "nobody can convince me that that isn't part of the problem" of gender inequality.

He said the issues of domestic violence and image-based sexual assault cannot be effectively discussed when boys and girls are being taught in separate buildings.

Deputy Ó Ríordáin stated: "There can be a toxic masculinity that builds up in a single-gender male school."'

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... some think girls-only schools are better for girls and at the same time argue vs. boys-only schools. But it's impossible to be pro-all-girls schools and not also by implication be pro-all-boys schools. After all, if all the girls are in girls-only schools, boys will by process of elimination be attending all-boys' schools.

Personally I agree in principle that co-ed schools are overall better. After all, the world is a co-ed place. But I do think if parents want their kid sent to a single-sex school they should be able to do so.

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