UK: Sacked Eton teacher loses appeal

Article here. Excerpt:

'His dismissal, for reportedly refusing to take down his lecture from his personal YouTube channel, sparked outrage among students, who immediately launched a petition for Mr Knowland to be reinstated.

It also plunged the private school, which is currently closed due to a Covid-19 outbreak, into a row over its supposedly 'woke' values under current headmaster Simon Henderson.

However the school governing body has now upheld the decision to sack Mr Knowland, following an appeal hearing chaired by Princes William and Harry's ex-housemaster.

Today Mr Henderson told parents in a letter that Mr Knowland's sacking was 'regrettable' and called on staff to 'continue positive dialogue between those who hold opposing views'.

Meanwhile, the Free Speech Union described the ruling as a 'betrayal' of the school's history and vowed to take the fight to Parliament.'

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