Biden’s Pledge to Repeal DeVos’s Title IX Fix Is Misguided and Hypocritical

Article here. Excerpt:

'Given the likelihood that it’ll be difficult for the Biden administration to move big-ticket items on Capitol Hill, progressives are eagerly searching for ways that the president-elect can unilaterally change policy. Vox, for example, has sketched “10 Enormously Consequential Things Biden Can Do Without the Senate.” One Guardian op-ed offered the fetching headline, “Here Are 277 Policies That Biden Can Enact on Day One — Without Congress.”

While they couldn’t quite get to 277, the American Council on Education and the various outfits that constitute the higher-education blob recently joined with the progressive base to urge a series of education-specific executive actions. High on their wish list is for Biden to reverse the Trump administration’s Title IX regulations governing sexual misconduct in higher education. Biden, for his part, has promised a “quick end” to the Trump regulations, with his campaign policy director pledging that a Biden administration would “return to and then build on” Obama-era guidance.

That would be a tragic mistake. Under Title IX, Washington has come to require that the nation’s colleges operate quasi-judicial court systems to try sexual misconduct cases. These campus courts can’t apply criminal penalties but they can suspend or expel students, permanently damage reputations, and ruin young lives.'

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