Facebook page requires no evidence to call men sexual abusers

Article here. Excerpt:

'This summer, we witnessed a new wave of #MeToo sexual misconduct accusations on social media targeting powerful men in various industries in the province of Quebec. Like the previous instance of online indictments of sexual harassment, few professed victims could present proof supporting their allegations' validity. And so, we were told to "believe all victims," even when evidence was absent.

Not satisfied with the current Quebec's legal process, Delphine Bergeron and an unnamed collaborator decided to curate a public list of potential sexual harassers' names. The administrators share the list in question on a Facebook page named "Dis son Nom," roughly translated into English as "Say his name."

It includes the names of supposedly sexual harassers. Their names, occupation, employers, and location are listed. Each person on the list is given a rating ranging from 1 to 3. The numbers represent the type of sexual misconduct they are being accused of by their alleged victims. Type 1 is reserved for inappropriate sexual comments, type 2 for grooming, and type 3 for sexual contact.'

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