A Gen Z Perspective On Third-Wave Feminism And The Anti-Men Clique

Article here. Excerpt:

'Prior to my phone conversation with my friend, I had somewhat incorrectly termed Third-Wave Feminism “Neo-Feminism.” Neo-Feminism is what critics sometimes call ‘lipstick’ feminism or a type of feminism that focuses on empowerment through embracing (often harmful) female stereotypes (think high heels, pink shirts, and lipgloss). Third-Wave Feminism incorporates many of the tenants of Neo-Feminism, but that’s hardly the whole picture.
I’ve seen an increasing number of women swear off dating, swear off marriage, swear off kids, and especially, swear off men, in the last several years. I’ve also seen more and more young women identify as various combinations of the gender-sex paradigm, and they all seem to have one thing in common: they really hate men. They also really hate anything that reminds them of “traditional” women — i.e., women who are heterosexual, cisgender, and who want to form long-standing relationships with men that involve marriage, children, and some type of home life.

Could I be misinterpreting their intentions? Possibly. But I also have to consider the potential that “being anything” is better than being nothing to them because identifying as LGBTQ is an instant “pass” from Third-Wave Feminism. If you don’t identify as LGBTQ, you have to be all-in on the rest, and the rest is hard to swallow since it involves tearing down other women, making fun of their marriages and home lives, and treating outliers like they’re completely invisible when you’re talking about women’s rights issues.
In this perspective, any man who isn’t an “ally” is the enemy, and men, in general, are very optional, can be easily replaced, and should support them and their increasingly hard-to-pin-down perspectives/interests in every way possible. A man looking for a wife (or children) isn’t going to find any prospects in the Third-Wave crowd because these women don’t care about those things; they care about progressing an agenda that they’ve created.'

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