Two Female Marines In The Brig For Assault Are Claiming They Did It Due To Trauma From Rape

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two female Marines being held in the brig on charges of assault are claiming they only committed the crimes because they were previously raped. Activists are currently calling on the Marines to be released and that they need mental health services, not punishment.

The Marine Corps Times reported that Cpl. Thae Ohu “allegedly attacked her then-boyfriend with a knife and threatened to kill him” and later “allegedly violated a protective order.” An opinion piece for the Military Times argued that Ohu previously had been sexually assaulted and had post-traumatic stress disorder, which resulted in the mental breakdown that caused her alleged attack on her boyfriend, who does not appear to be the man who assaulted her.

Ohu was taken to a mental health facility after the alleged attack but was then sent to the brig for her crimes. Groups have started up to defend Ohu and demand she get help rather than punishment for the crimes she committed. The Military Sexual Trauma Movement, a group advocating for Ohu and the other marine in the brig, said the women were being held “for assault charges after experiencing flashbacks due to being raped.”'

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I was raped (or claim so) some X yrs. ago. This left me traumatised. That is why I tried to kill my bf with a knife, an act for which I thus shouldn't be prosecuted.

Ok, adds up fine.

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Not their fault? Not responsible for their actions? Not fit for society!

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