Canada: 100 teenage boys turned up to school in skirts to protest sexism, homophobia and toxic masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Explaining the protest on Instagram, Paulin wrote: “Today, you probably saw that a lot of guys, including me, were wearing a skirt.

“Well, let me explain [to] you the reason behind this movement. Basically, the fact that a boy wears a skirt is a sign of resilience, solidarity and support to the intersectional battle for gender equality.

“The double standard on the way society views our women and men is blatant; if a woman decides to wear a suit or pants, clothes associated with masculinity, it’s not a big deal.

“But the moment a man will do anything remotely feminine, whether it is to put nail polish, makeup or in our case, a skirt, fingers are pointed and he gets insulted.
Paulin said that skirts were often used to discriminate against girls, with the “aggressors” excusing their actions “by sexualising women unnecessarily and blaming THEM for THEIR actions”.

He continued: “So, by wearing a skirt, we are united and together against the sexualization of women and we’re sending a message against toxic masculinity, that’s keeping boys from being who they truly are, without judgement.'

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