College enrollment figures in the U.K. reveal the farce of ‘white male privilege’

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s fashionable for universities in Western countries to grovel about their institutionalized racism (until regulators take them seriously).

While they wail about being bastions of white privilege, these schools rarely acknowledge a severe enrollment deficit among one of those white constituencies: males from low-income families.

The U.K.’s Department for Education recently released demographic information about enrollment in British institutions of higher education. It shows that only 13 percent of “male, white British, free school meals” students go to college by age 19 – half the rate of all students eligible for free school meals, the BBC reports, making them the least likely to attend college.

Indeed, these underprivileged males are “stuck in another era” compared to minority groups in the U.K., where there’s only a five-percentage-point gap between black students (59 percent) and Asian students (64 percent) going to college. As in the U.S, women dominate higher education in the U.K.'

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