Attorney who murdered judge's son suspected in Marc Angelucci murder

Article here. If true it will sure be a really sad day for the MRM. But history teaches us we are more likely to be victimized by someone we know or who is "on our team" vs. any other kind of person. Still, this is a suspicion at the moment. Nothing conclusive yet. Excerpt:

'The men’s rights lawyer suspected of gunning down the son of a federal judge may have been hunting down enemies after being diagnosed with cancer — and may be linked to the July 11 California slaying of another attorney.

Roy Den Hollander — who allegedly stormed the North Brunswick, NJ, home of federal Judge Esther Salas — was found dead from an apparent suicide early Monday in Sullivan County, about a two-hour drive from the judge’s home.

After his death, the FBI contacted New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore to report that her name and photo were found in Hollander’s car, the New York Times reported Monday. The agents did not specify if they believed DiFiore was a possible target.

Authorities are also investigating a possible link to the shooting of attorney Marc Angelucci, who was shot at his California home earlier this month, allegedly by a man dressed in a Federal Express uniform, the outlet said.'

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