They Were Accused Of Rape And Jailed For One Year Even Though DNA Proved Their Innocence. They’re Now Suing.

Article here. Excerpt:

'Two black teenagers were jailed for nearly one year in Richland County, South Carolina after being charged with rape. They remained in prison even after DNA evidence proved they didn’t commit the crime and months after another man was charged with the crime.
Both men provided DNA samples, and once they had defense attorneys, began requesting results.

“Without DNA test results, prosecutors in the cases added on two additional charges of kidnapping and armed robbery in November 2015,” FITSNews reported. “In April 2016 DNA test results came back in the case, but they matched another person named Marquise Randolph. Randolph was also charged in the case, at the same time English and Powell were still sitting behind bars in the same crime.”
They’re now suing Sheriff Leon Lott and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department for “wrongful arrest / false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, negligence and gross negligence in the hiring supervision and detention of employees,” FITSNews reported.'

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