How The Wing's Empire Was Built On Trauma, Racism, and Neglect

Article here. Interesting study in human nature. Take away the common enemy (in this case, men) and the group finds other faultlines down which to fracture. Excerpt:

'The post ended on a defiant note: “We are angry, we are grieving, and we are with you. Black Lives Matter.”

Former and current Wing employees are calling bullshit. In interviews with Jezebel, 11 people who have been employed by the corporation allege it fostered a climate of racist mistreatment in the workplace, and that it spanned from now-former CEO Audrey Gelman on down to individual members of the space.

“If they cared, they would have blacklisted members who were being rude to us and racist,” says Johana Broughton, a black former Wing employee who worked at the SoHo location from August 2018 until she was let go in February 2019. “Because they’re looking at us like we’re supposed to be the maid.”

Black women have built The Wing. They bus tables, make coffee, wash dishes, keep the space tidy, and pour wine for white women. And they’re expected to do it all while being quiet and invisible lest they chip away at The Wing’s pretty pink reputation as a women’s only paradise.'

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