‘Don’t Forget the White Women!’: Members Say Racism Ran Rampant at NOW

Article here. Excerpt:

'In interviews with The Daily Beast, nearly a dozen members, employees, and visitors recalled women of color being heckled, silenced, or openly disparaged at NOW meetings and offices. The behavior culminated at the 2017 conference where, witnesses say, members dismissed Fortson-Washington, a black woman, as “angry” and entitled, and accused Weeks of being a “hot-headed Latina.” On the last day of the conference, more than a dozen women marched around a conference room to protest racism inside the organization.

But the problem didn’t stop there. Internal emails, documents and interviews obtained by the Daily Beast reveal that allegations of racism reached the highest levels of the organization after Weeks and Fortson-Washington’s loss. More than a dozen employees at the national headquarters signed onto a letter accusing President Toni Van Pelt of sidelining and disparaging women of color, and the previous vice president has filed a federal racial discrimination suit.'

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The primary founders of the WM were notorious racists. Arguably you could say they were a product of their time. But that wasn't too long ago.

In any case I don't view NOW as a WM organization. It's a feminist org'n and feminism and the WM don't seem to have much in common these days.

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