SAVE: 145 Universities Under Federal Investigation for Sex Discrimination Against Male Students

Press release here. Excerpt:

'A total of 145 colleges and universities around the country are currently under investigation by the federal Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for allegations of sex discrimination against male students. The investigations are targeting some of the most prestigious and largest institutions of higher education around the country.

On January 7, 2020, OCR opened an investigation against Harvard University for its support of seven sex-discriminatory programs. These programs include the Harvard College Women’s Leadership Awards, Graduate Women in Science and Engineering, and the Women in Global Health LEAD Fellowship. The LEAD Fellowship advertises its program with this uncommon description, “Learn, Engage, Advance, Disrupt.” (1) (OCR Complaint No. 01-19-2203)

Ohio State University boasts a total enrollment of 68,262 students, with female students outnumbering males. Despite this fact, OSU offers zero male-specific scholarships and 10 scholarships for female students (2). OCR initiated this case on May 18, 2020. (OCR Complaint No. 15-20-2074)'

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